Bucket bag

The bucket bag's recognisable original and distinctive shape is softened by the dark sandstone shade. In this colour, the Tiphaine is a timeless classic. The matt leather provides a natural, muted look with a touch of...
The Tiphaine bag, with its unusual shapes combined with two shades of archipelago blue, boasts a fiery spirit. The bag finds a balance between the nuanced blues and the contrasting textures. The combination of light...
Combining two textures means that we can offer two possible interpretations of this Tiphaine model in Syrah. Sophisticated and reserved at the same time, it fervently depicts the intimacy of our changing...
The combination of materials and their colours will hold anyone's attention. The bag reflects warm light and creates an authentic atmosphere, like an intimacy that reveals itself little by little. Through the senses...
A truly divine item, the impression left by the Tiphaine bag in this colour is one of unparalleled serenity. The chalk shade gives the model a soft and extravagant touch. Its colour, material and shape translate into...
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The bucket bag, also known as a pouch bag, is suitable for people who need to carry their belongings without them taking up too much space. It opens fully and its opening makes it practical and quick to use. As it usually has only one shoulder strap, its style is casual. But at Cordiz, we don't like strict rules. As such, we've also created a model with two wide handles, which can be carried in a refined way by hand or around the arm, as you prefer and on various occasions.

All Cordiz leather goods are entirely manufactured in limited editions by the hands of our expert teams, in the respect and know-how of French craftsmanship. You will find them for sale exclusively on the Cordiz website.

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